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  • Higher taxes? We ain’t seen nothing yet

    13th Sep 2021 by

    It’s my fault. Well, mine and 12 million others. We are living too long. Were it not for us, there would be no social care crisis, the NHS would have plenty of money, and taxes would not need to rise.  My intention here is not to induce guilt in my fellow post-war baby boomers, but… Read more

  • Afghanistan, Brexit and the illusion of “Global Britain”

    1st Sep 2021 by

    Nobody with the slightest humanity could equate the horrific events in Kabul with McDonalds running out of milk shakes. Yet in recent UK news broadcasts, stories of mildly inconvenient food shortages at home have vied for viewers’ attention with the desperate plight of families 4,000 miles away. In their very different ways, both stories give… Read more

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